Necklace using Amazing Porcelain's new leafy sliders and cones. Made by Jennifer Van Benschoten of Van Beads

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Leafy Slider Necklace

Leafy Slider Necklace0
This lovely piece was made by Jennifer Van Benschoten of Van Beads to help me show you how this set can look when it is made up.  It is currently available in her Artfire Shop

It is a lovely dutch spiral rope utilizing one of the slide sets that call the 'Long Leafy Slide Set' available in the Bead Shop

She has hung a bead and a Peruvian ceramic leaf off the bottom of it accenting it perfectly. 

This particular set has the largest hole in the slider of any of the sets and would easily accommodate multi strand designs as well as large beaded ropes such as this one.

Leafy Slider Necklace1
In this photo you can see a close up of the cones and how nicely they finish off this rope necklace. 

She has finished off the rope ends and attached the closure with a wire wrap for a very secure finish. 

All of the ends and wiring is easily hidden inside the generously sized cone.

Leafy Slider Necklace0
In this photo we have a close up of the slider with the attached bead and leaf.

This slider will make an elegant addition to a variety of necklaces and will blend in well with all sorts of pendants.

You could hang a big stone, crystal or bead bezeled cab from this slider equally well.