Stag necklace by Betty Stephen

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Stag Necklace

Stag Necklace0
This lovely necklace was gifted to at the Bead & Button 2012 show by Betty Stephan

Earlier I had sent her some cabs to do some jewelry with so I could show some examples of finished jewelry here on my website.  The stag cab used in this necklace is one of those pieces. 

The Bead & Button 2012 show was the first time we had met face to face and right after we met she said she had something for me and gave me this lovely necklace.  I was totally flabbergasted as I had no idea and did not expect her to ever do such a thing.  I had told her that I didn't expect any  of the pieces back I just wanted some photos to show. 

Not only does she do beautiful work she is a very kind and generous person as evidenced by this lovely gift.  I hope that you all will have a look at the other pieces here in the gallery made by her and be inspired to use some of my cabs in your own creations.

Stag Necklace1
Here is another shot of this lovely necklace.

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