Green Dragon Necklace made by Christina of Good Quill Hunting with porcelain cab by Marsha Hedrick

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Green Dragon Necklace

Green Dragon Necklace0
This lovely Necklace is an example of what you can do with the cabs make.  This necklace was made by Christina Neit of Good Quill Hunting, using one of my new cabs.  It is available for sale from her.

These porcelain cabs are poured hollow so they are lightweight helping to reduce the weight of your finished necklace.  Although they are lightweight they are very strong and durable.

In order to keep the price down and the interest and design possibilities up the design on this cab was transferred to the cab and then hand painted using china paints.  By transferring the design, instead of hand drawing it I can save 3-4 hours of time and can easily do more complicated designs as well as facing designs.  I hope to have a good selection of designs available and in my shop soon.  There are also a variety of shapes for these cabs.

Please let me know what sort of designs you would be interested in seeing.  Custom design requests are welcome and I will do my best to fill them.