Beads made to look like Moriage Dragons using the same slip trailing methods as used in the antique china.

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Moriage Dragon Beads

Moriage Dragon Beads0
These beads feature a dragon design much like that found on the antique Japanese china commonly called Dragonware. 

The ware more appropriately called Moriage is made by slip trailing porcelain onto a cast piece.  Various Nippon manufacturers made Moriage Dragon pieces from as early as 1891 through 1941. Similar designs are made through to the present day, however, after WWII they would be marked as made in Japan rather than Nippon.  Dragonware continues to be one of the most popular types of antique japanese porcelain.

For more information on how these pieces are actually made you can refer to my Slip Trailing Tutorial Moriage is done in pretty much the same way although the smoky background is airbrushed on before the design is laid out and applied.

These beads are each individually decorated, in the USA by the artist , using the same slip trailing techniques as on the original japanese china.  You can purchase beads of this type in the Bead Shop in the Asian category