Information about Wedgwood Jasperware and a slip trailed bead set in wedgwood blue with a cherub design.

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Cherub Wedgwood Bead set

Cherub Wedgwood Bead set0
This set of beads illustrates the style that is commonly referred to as 'wedgwood'.  Jasperware as it is called by the Wedgwood company from England has been made by the Josiah Wedgwood company for over 100 years. 

Japanese companies also made 'wedgewood' ware however, they used a slip trailing technique to apply the designs rather than the sprigg molds that were utilized by the Wedgwood company in England.  These beads are each individually decorated by the artist using a slip trailing method and are a one of a kind set.

More information on the method I use to create these 'wedgwood' style beads can be seen in my Wedgwood Bead Tutorial on this method.

Beads that have been made utilizing this method can be purchased in the Bead Shop I make a variety of whimsical beads using this method as well as the traditional Wedgwood type designs.