Celebrating my inclusion in the Beads 2009 editors top 145 picks.

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Celebrating Beads 2009

am very happy to announce my inclusion in the Beads 2009 Big Bead Book Editor's top 145 picks.  For the second year in a row I have been honored to be included in the Editor's top picks.  As several people have called me looking for things on the website and have been having trouble this page will direct you to pieces similar to the ones in Beads 2009.

1.  Dragon Pendants and Beads.  There are several of these style pieces available.  Each one is a one of a kind and slightly different.  They are individually created by a method called slip trailing.  They are my interpretation of the Japanese Moriage Dragon pieces that were made from around 1900 to about 1940.  They can be seen in the Bead Shop on the Asian page.  There are also several of the pendant style ones in my Etsy Shop.

2. Tuggy Bear Pendant.  I now have several of these.  He is made from a commercial mold and I do him in a variety of colors some with little things on their bellies like hearts or rainbows.  If you want one just drop me an email and order it and I will put it on my list of orders. They can be seen in the Bead Shop on the Animal Page

3.  Wedgwood Lady Focal Bead.  This bead is a cast bead with a one of a kind slip trailed design.  This bead will be returned from the magazine at some point, however, at the moment they still have it.  I do have one similar bead which can be seen in the Bead Shop on the Other page.

If you are looking for the Sorceress Pendant shown in my Ad in Beads 2009 it can be found in my Etsy Shop.

Thank you to everyone that has a look.