Lovely Necklace by Linda Roberts using the Small Leafy Slide by Amazing Porcelain

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Sm Leafy Slide Necklace

Sm Leafy Slide Necklace0
This lovely necklace is another of the sample necklaces that some friends made for to show off my porcelain kumihimo beads, slides, and end caps.  These can also be used with viking knit, beaded ropes and other large rope necklaces.

This necklace was made by Linda Roberts of Beads Forever on Etsy.

It features the 'Small Leafy Slide Set' available in the Bead Shop on a beaded kumihimo rope with a lovely crystal drop.

This set of a focal bead/slide and end caps is designed to allow you to attach a drop or pendant for an easy way to add a pendant or drop on your kumihimo or viking knit rope.

Sm Leafy Slide Necklace1
Here is a view where you can see the whole necklace including the cones. 

The cones have ample room for finishing off the cords.

These cones will also be available in a smaller size as well, that may be better for smaller cords.

Sm Leafy Slide Necklace0
Here is a fully laid out photo of the necklace.