Bead Embroidery featuring hand painted violet cabs and a stone cab by Betty Stephan

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Spring Violets

Spring Violets0
Here is a lovely bead embroidered necklace that illustrates how beautifully stone elements and porcelain elements can be utilized together to create a really stunning piece. 

This elegant necklace was made by Betty Stephan of Betty Stephan Beadwork You can also see her work at Betty Stephan Beadwork on Etsy or follow her on facebook to see more of her stunning designs.

In this necklace she utilized a set of 3 of small hand painted teardrop shaped cabs. These cabs feature a hand painted spring violet design on pink porcelain.  This blends in beautifully with the selection of seed beads and stone which she has used in this necklace. 

You can find more of my cabs in my Bead Shop Cabs Category I always try to keep a few of the hand painted floral cabs but I also have a selection of marbleized cabs and buttons as well as cabs with designs that have been transferred and then hand painted.

Spring Violets1
In this close up you can see the pendant part of the necklace in its entirety as well as the neck cord. 

I really like the way the swag like strands at the bottom of the pendant add elegance to this necklace.  They tend to lighten up the weighty look of the bead embroidered portion of the pendant giving it  a very victorian feel and a fancier look.  The stone accents on the rope break up the monotony of a solid beaded rope adding interest and catching the eye.  I feel these elements work together to make this necklace a real head turner for the wearer.

Spring Violets0
In this final photo you can see how this necklace would look being worn.  The length is perfect.  The pendant hangs beautifully in the center of the chest while the swag drops extend down below the bust slightly for added interest.  This necklace is fancy enough to be worn with the little black dress to parties and yet not too ornate to be worn for more casual affairs.

Don't forget to have a look at the Cabs in my Bead Shop There are also a few of the heart shaped pendants in the Floral category that would work wonderfully in a bead embroidery.