Guardian Spider Design Necklace by Jan Wellington using a Native Design Pendant by Marsha Hedrick

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Guardian Spider

Guardian Spider0
This necklace was made by Jan Wellington using one of my Native Shield design pendants.  The spider design on the pendant was hand painted on a transferred design.  This spider design originates from the mound builders of the Mississippian period.  Jan combined the porcelain pendant with myrrh beads, old Egyptian clay mummy beads, a copper clasp and bicone spacers to create this striking piece which she named Guardian.

Jan mentioned to me "I hope you will make more spider pendants, since the necklace I made with it sold as soon as I listed it, and I miss it terribly!".  I can see why this is a beautiful necklace.  Don't you agree?

You can find more of Jan's work in her Etsy Shop Slickrock Beads

Guardian Spider1
Here is another shot of this lovely necklace.