Snowbaby beads and other items by Marsha Hedrick, as seen in Beads 2008

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Snowbaby Beads as seen in Beads 2008

Snowbaby Beads as seen in Beads 20080
am happy to announce that two of my snowbaby beads were featured in the Editors top 120+ picks in the Beads 2008 Big Bead Book.  The photo to the right shows all of the poses of snowbaby beads that I do.  The snow babies are available in the New section of the shop now.  This is all of the snowbabies I will be making this year so when they are gone you will have to wait until next year.  Along with the snowbabies one of my Victorian Children beads was also shown if they are in stock they will be in the Victorian category in the shop.

Also featured in Beads 2008 were my Flower Cones These are available in the shop along with many more flower type beads.  Just click the Flower Cones link to go directly to them.  The leaf pendant that was featured is one of my Organics collection many similar pieces can be seen in the Leaf Section of the Organics or just click to go directly to them. 

Multi Hole beads like those seen in Beads 2008 can be seen in various bead sets throughout the shop.  Just look in the descriptions for multi-hole beads.

I look forward to hearing from all you Beads 2008 readers as well as those that didn't get the magazine.  Thanks to Interweave for giving us such a great resource book.